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Here you can find information about some of the most interesting landmarks in region Ruse.

Rock monastery "St. Dimitar Basarbovski"

Rock monastery "St. Dimitar Basarbovski" is one of the two (together with Razboishki monastery) operating monasteries on the territory of present Bulgaria. Located nearby to Ruse, near Basarbovo village, in the rocks near river Rusenski Lom. It is carved in a rock massif and 48 rock steps lead to it. Estabilished XIII century, when many rock monasteries are built at the territory of the Second Bulgarian country. In 1978 rock monastery "St. Dimitar Basarbovski" is declared for an archaeological monument of local significant, since the spring of 2013 is one of the National landmarks of Bulgaria.

Ivanovo rock churches

Ivanovo rock churches are located close to Ruse, near Ivanovo village. The churches and all rooms around them compose the big rock monastery "St. Archangel Michail", estabilished in XIII century. There is branched network of small rock churches and cells, carved at different level in the rocks over the scenic canyon of river Rusenski Lom and connected with paths and rock steps. They feature from the other preserved rock monastery complexes in Bulgaria with the well saved murals. Ivanovo rock churches are one of the nine Bulgarian landmarks, inscribed in UNESCO list for world culture and natural legacy.

Medieval town Cherven

Medieval town Cherven is located around 35 km south from Ruse, near Cherven village, in the bounds of natural park Rusenski Lom. The town is successor of byzantine fortress from VI century and reaches ascent in XIV century, when become in business center with developed iron mining, construction and woodworking, bit and art trade. Archaeological object with a big contribution for exploration of the medieval Bulgarian culture. Medieval town Cherven is national archaeological reserve since 1965.

Cave "Orlova chuka"

Cave "Orlova chuka" is located around 40 km from Ruse, near Pepelina village. Founded in 1941 from shepherd, since 1957 is well ordered for visitors. Cave "Orlova chuka" is second largest in Bulgaria, after the cave "Duhlata", withtotal length of the galleries over 13 500 m. The temperature in the cave is relatively constant through the year (14°C). There are founded inside remains of prehistoric humans and bears. Year-round is inhabited by 14 species of bats, three of them are included in the World Red List. Researches of the cave continues till today. Today for the visitors are accessible andilluminated around 3 km from cave "Orlova chuka", as the entrance is only with guide. Through 1962 is declared for natural landmark, since 1978 is declared for an archaeological monument of culture of national significant.

Exarch Yosif village

Exarch Yosif is a village in northern Bulgaria, situated in the eastern part ofDanubian plain. Located around 38 km southwest from Ruse, near the main road Ruse - Sofia. Exarch Yosif village is old Bulgarian village, whose nameoccurs in the Turkish registers early 1680. In the village center is built monument, dedicated to the fallen from the village in the wars. There is an ethnographic open area collection by initiative of the village mayor. Also there is a zoo with exotic animals - camel, pony, pheasants, ostriches, goats etc. The village is the only one with apple festival.