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Here you can find useful information about some of the most interesting places for concerts, exhibitions and shopping in Bucharest.

Royal Palace Great Concert Hall (Sala Palatului)

Located next to the Royal Palace, the concave-roof structure was built in 1960 to accommodate the 3,000 Communist party members who every five years attended the communist party congress. It was on this stage that Nicolae Ceausescu would deliver his vision of a multilaterally developed socialist society.

Today, the massive auditorium plays host to various conferences and events, including some of the George Enescu International Festival concerts.

Romexpo (Romexpo)

Romexpo is an arena in Bucharest, Romania. The arena is used mostly for exhibitions, but it is also used for hosting concerts and indoor sports. The location is very similar with the Tokyo Dome.

In 2007 and 2009, it was the host of the music festival called BestFest.

The company enjoys international recognition and it is an active member of specialized organizations such as: UFI (the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry), since 1993 - the most important organization in the world, as well as of CEFA (Central Europe Fair Alliance), since 2003. 

In 2004, ROMEXPO becomes member of CENTREX (the International Exhibition Statistics Union) and in 2007 member of EURASCO (The European Federation of Agricultural Exhibition and Show Organizers). At the same time, ROMEXPO is founding member of ASOEXPO (the Romanian Fair and Exhibition Organizers Association).

Red Dragon (Dragonul Rosu)

Red Dragon commercial area hosts over 5 500 stores, covering a wide range of products. The goods sold here come in most shops across the country. There is a truth that we know our customers very well and therefore keep returning. The variety of products is amazing and the prices are not competitive on the market.

At this time, there are nine areas inside shopping complexes, three of which are specialized.

Red Dragon 1 has four buildings originally built, plus two extensions built later due to high demand for commercial spaces.

Red Dragon Mega Shop standard building area. The shops are arranged on two floors (ground floor and 1st floor), and on the 2nd floor are Romanian and Chinese restaurants.

Red Dragon 3 is specialized in shoes and shopping complex has two buildings (3 and 3 extension). It is the largest shoe store in Romania.

Children's World, shopping complex dedicated children's clothing, shoes, sporting goods, toys and school supplies, opened in March 2011. It is the largest store of its kind in Romania.

Red Dragon 5 and Red Dragon 6 are two new pavilions, rebuilt after the fire in the summer of 2010. The two buildings opened their doors in March 2011.

Red Dragon 7 and Red Dragon 8 are two pavilions in which, in addition to ordinary goods which are sold in the area, there are shops with fabrics, carpets, fishing equipment, furnishings and household items.

Dragon 9 - House Design is the newest wholesale pavilion area and is dedicated, as the name suggests items for the home.

The most recent project completed in the area is the Red Dragon Oriental. This shop operates in a modern building with an area of ​​about 15 000 square meters, deployed on two levels and has a spacious parking for over 500 places. Red Dragon Oriental opened its doors on September 1, 2014.